June 15th, 2011

Episode 3: Sweet Auburn Curb Market

We bring you Episode 3: our trip to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market!  Located in the neighborhood MLK Jr. grew up in and what used to be Atlanta’s geographic center, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market (SACM) is a community-oriented market providing produce, lunch, reading materials, and much more to the area.  Open Monday-Saturday from 8am to 6pm, check it out.  

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topics include:

Atlanta’s burger scene (life changing!), sweet potato cheesecake (truly a dessert that embodies Atlanta), Sweet Auburn BakeryGrindhouse Killer Burgers, the Sweet Auburn Book Shop, Miss D’s New Orlean’s Pralines and how the SACM helped her realize her dreams and start life again after Katrina, “that neighborhood feel”, and how the shops at the SACM work together to make the market what it is.

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