December 14th, 2011

Episode 27: Grocery on Home

This week we take you into Grocery on Home, a performance space within a home. You won’t hear garage bands at the Grocery; past acts include Lucy Wainwright Roche, Ben Sollee, and Kelly McFarling.  Grocery on Home is the home of Matt Arnett, but Grocery is just a fraction of what he does.  Matt and his family also run the Souls Grown Deep Foundation and Tinwood Media. Listen to find out more.

Warning: Turns out, Grocery’s acoustics are great for music, bad for cheap microphones.  The audio is sub par.  We edited the best we could, and have replaced the old mike. Future podcasts will be clearer.

Listen here or on itunes.

Topics include:

Why it’s called Grocery on Home, Matt’s first word, and believing in the quality of something, even if no one else does.

Matt Arnett introducing the musicians

Ben Sollee

Ben Sollee and Jim White

December 11th, 2011

Podcast Preview: Grocery on Home

This week’s podcast features Matt Arnett, the man behind Grocery on Home. Several times a month Matt opens his home to a group of friends and friends of friends for intimate music performances. Artists like Ben Sollee come through frequently, and Ben is actually performing this week. Check out Grocery on Home on facebook for details on the shows and stay tuned for the podcast, where you’ll hear more about Grocery and some of the other amazing projects Matt works on.

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