December 7th, 2011

Episode 26: Wonderroot

If you haven’t heard of Wonderroot by now well, you’re in luck because this week’s podcast takes you into Wonderroot HQ.  Wonderroot is a community arts center located on Memorial Drive that gives artists studio space for a small membership fee (or scott-free if they can’t afford it) and enacts other events and programming to support local arts.  We spoke with two of the founders, Chris Appleton and Alex West, about where the idea came from and what it was like getting their project off the ground.  Did we mention they were in college when they started it?

Listen here or on itunes.

Topics include:

What Wonderroot is and isn’t doing (hint: they’re not laundering money), Magic (the gathering), how they broke the news to their parents, and their kick-ass raffle to raise funds for next year.

Chris Appleton and Alex West

That’s right, Wonderroot is giving away a 2011 Prius!  $25 buys you a chance to win, $100 buys you FIVE chances.  What are you waiting for?  GET ON THIS.

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