October 23rd, 2011

Podcast Preview: CouchCouch

BOSCO multi-media art with a sound of minimalism and adventurous soundscapes. http://shutupdanceandcreate.tumblr.com/ Googolplexia consists primarily of goofball pop antics on accordion, ukulele, banjo, and plenty of a cappella. http://www.pancakeproducti​ons.net/music/googolplexia​/cua.mp3http://www.pancakeproducti​ons.net/music/googolplexia​/lasoi.mp3Android and Laser stumbled upon Battlemoon II while riding throughout space in their Rockin Ship. They helped the crew of Battlemoon II fight off an evil Space Octopus and were asked to stay on Battlemoon II as the house band.http://www.facebook.com/ba​ttlemoonIIhttp://www.myspace.com/bat​tlemoon2Night Court is a melodic punk band who’s interests include region rock bands, classic rock, and English literature. Minimalistic, soul-bearing, and not very hard core, the four-piece began in Atlanta in the fall of 2010. Rumor has it the band are willing to play anywhere in Georgia at any time. http://www.facebook.com/pa​ges/Night-Court/1450973988​98742http://nightcourtatl.bandc​amp.com/Manic are a thrashy, straightforward punk band from Atlanta.With ex-members of Die Ficken and Trash, their we’re not fucking around attitude is backed-up by catchy riffs and growling, punk empowered vocals. tuesday july 26th 10pm

Coming at you this Wednesday is our interview with CouchCouch, the Old Fourth Ward’s most creative theatre space.  Stay tuned to find out what compels them to open their home to anyone with a desire to perform.

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