June 29th, 2011

Episode 5: Sugar-Coated Radical

In this episode of Out There Atlanta we traveled to a secluded corner of the Virginia Highlands to sample the goods at Sugar-Coated Radical.  Sugar-Coated Radical’s mission is to provide excellent ethically-sourced chocolate and candy in unexpected flavor combinations.  We interviewed some chefs and helpers at the workshop as well as Taria, the Radical herself.  Like them on facebook and follow @sugarradical for their schedule of events and updates.

Listen here or check it out on itunes.

topics include:

Roasted banana caramels, grapefruit szechuan lollipops, curry ganache, and some other amazingly tasty things, the creative process of candy, one radical blogging her chocolate journey, Living the Dream (hint: it includes building a clubhouse and, of course, candy), and the Philosophy of Pie (aka, nobody hates pie).

Topics not included:

Bakery Sundays!  On Sundays from 9am until they sell out, Sugar-Coated Radical offers limited-runs of pastries as inventive as the chocolates. The Rattletrap van parks outside 680 Drewry St. and the Radicals serve up everything from almond croissants to ginger plum tarts, kimchi brioches, and whatever else they dream up.


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