June 22nd, 2011

Episode 4: The Birth of the Author

For this week we interviewed Sergio C. Gutiérrez Negrón, an Emory PhD candidate who has just published his first novel, called Palacio.  Sergio sat down with us to discuss the novel, his creative process, and Atlanta’s Spanish-lit scene. 

Listen here or check it out on itunes.

Topics include: 

inspirations and influences at home and abroad, cinematic America and the soundtrack in his mind, the Puerto Rican writing community, and why he thinks English is the best language to write in (even though he writes in Spanish).


“‘A young man receives an e-mail from his wife two years after she disappeared without a trace; A woman fulfills the irrational desires of an aged Japanese ornithologist by reading his dead daughter’s diaries to a room full of birds; A friend who listens attentively to the story from the sidelines, and a young jazz trumpet player who observes everything from the stage.’ Within this framework a search is begun: a search in which truth and the wistful imagination of the lonely merge to form a distorted picture of the present, where eveything is experienced second-hand and at a distance.”


Palacio, available on Amazon.com now and soon to be available on kindle.  To watch a trailer for the book, click here.

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