October 1st, 2012

This Saturday: FLUX NIGHT


a night of art + experimentation

Saturday, October 6
8pm to Midnight. One Night Only.
Castleberry Hill Arts District, Atlanta.
free + open to the public.

FLUX NIGHT returns to the Castleberry Hill Arts District on Saturday, October 6. The evening will feature a diverse array of projects that include projections, dance, performance, music, sound and light installations, and other audience interactions. This annual event is an exciting glimpse into the range of temporary public art projects that are possible in our city. FLUX NIGHT kicks off at 8 pm with a parade celebrating Castleberry’s former red-light district, and projects continue until midnight. The evening ends with a performance and after-party at Elliott Street Pub.

See complete list of artists and projects, get directions, info about bike valet and parking: fluxprojects.org/fluxnight

»» check out our interview with Flux Director Anne Dennington to prepare and we’ll see you Saturday!

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    Fun stuff in the greatest city in the wolrd!
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    I’ve intended - and failed - to go to this every year since it started. The Google-mapped project locations and shuttle...
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    Planning to attend. Went a few years back and had a lot of fun. Anywhere I can walk around outside with a beer is OK...
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    We went to this Flux event last year and were very impressed. I highly recommend it as a way to experience both the...
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