April 18th, 2012

Episode 43: Lucky’s and Merman Manor

How to describe Lucky’s and the Merman Manor? This seemingly uninhabited area of Edgewood secretly teems with young musicians and artists. Ponyo, Orion, and Lam are three of these secret inhabitants, who shared with us their vision for artistic practice and spaces in Atlanta.

Ponyo, Orion, and Lam are also members of The Back Pockets, a band whose shows are a curious mixture of music, performance, and spectacle. This podcast features music by the band. If you like what you hear, The Back Pockets are playing a show at The Basement in East Atlanta Village on Friday, April 27th. 

 Listen here or download on itunes (free)

Topics include:

The captain of their metaphorical ship, the epic coast-to-coast music tour, and what keeps them in Atlanta.

O Captain my captain.



All images courtesy of Stephanie Pharr

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