October 26th, 2011

Episode 20: CouchCouch

What is CouchCouch?  It is a unique performance and living space in Old Fourth Ward, that opens its doors to creative expression and the occasional couchsurfer.  They do music as well as activities and performances you won’t find anywhere else.  What’s behind their approach to entertaining and what do they hope to do in the future?  You’ll have to listen to find out. 

Listen here or on itunes.

Topics include:

Why CouchCouch has no couches, the time Blondie from the Clermont Lounge gave a poetry reading (and an impromptu lap dance), and their open door policy.

tuesday july 12th 10pm @ couchcouch Angels In AmericaNo less an aural seeker than Thurston Moore was unable to find a musical reference point in their solipsistic stew, yet still was wowed enough to release their cassette Cunt Tree Grammar thru Ecstatic Peace.Here’s all we know for certain about Angels In America, through their own direct transmission: they are two 20-year olds bullshitting their way through it all; they are self-avowed fans of shitty puns (you noticed the name of the tape) and whistle solos; and their names are probably not Rob Rhombus and Moppy Pont.- WFMUGashyThe partially improvised excursions take shape around loose, rambling narratives that rarely paint a pretty picture. Words and composure get lost in Stinson’s deranged, bellowing state.Shitty BedfordBedford is a member of Omelet and Pony Bones, where plays saxophone, keys and percussion primarily. He makes his own instruments and runs the Hot Shit Theatre Company.

friday oct. 15th at couchcouch marvelous and interesting film crafters including robbie land and his 16mm projector starts at midnight 380 edgewood ave. 30312 free

black friday free market at couchcouch  photos : mike german - ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/thoughtmarker/ )

Follow them on tumblr to get the latest on events.

And don’t forget, the night of Nov 6 is “OMIGOD HELLO HOW ARE YOU: A Debutante’s Ball for the Universe.”  That means poetry, music, and a good time for all.  Get more details here.

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